Bespoke Fitted Tutu

From Classical Tutus with a Classical Bodice or a Russian Bodice to a Romantic Tutu it all gets confusing when trying to decide what you would like but that’s what the free consultation to start is for so I can help you decide. The prices below include a fully lined bodice in your choice of fabric and colour/s, choice of White, Ivory or black net (8-10 layers usually) which can be interspersed with a colour of your choice net, Hoop casing for a hoop to be inserted in the future, Hand Tacked and tagged skirt and decoration.

Size Price
4-6 years £260
6 -8 years £300
8 -10 years

10-12 years



12+ years £400

Hoops can be added at a cost of £25.

Stretch Tutu

Size Price
4-6 years £160
6-8 years £180
8 -10 years

10 -12 years



12 – 15 years £240

Personalised Tutu Bags

A bespoke tutu bag made in Purple Ripstop material, embroidered with my Logo and the Child’s name £30.00


A bespoke tutu can be expensive as there are many hours of hand sewing involved, so I initially ask for a deposit of £50 at the consultation when you’ve agreed to go ahead. This deposit is none refundable but is deductible off the final amount. You can pay in cash instalments prior to collection or via by PayPal.

Get in touch and book your free consultation here.